EQRocks! Here’s Why:


  1. We don’t have control over what other people think/feel/do/say.
  2. The things that we can control/manage/effect in our lives are our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  3. Every decision/choice we make, every behaviour we do and every word we say is based on at least one thought (left-brain IQ) and at least one feeling (right-brain EQ). Our thoughts generate feelings, our feelings effect our thoughts, and both effect how we decide to behave, therefore they are all interconnected. If we change one, they all change.
  4. We never do anything we don’t choose to do (except for some bodily functions). Therefore every behaviour/action/word is a choice that we make.
  5. In that choice, is freedom, and responsibility. Once we come to grips with the fact that we are 100% totally, completely responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, then and only then can we have full control over our lives.
  6. However, as we grow up, we are trained at home and in school that left-brain is king — to listen to, respect and educate the logic of our minds — but to ignore, and downplay, and stuff our feelings and emotions. IQ is good, EQ is bad. Left-brain rules, right-brain drools.
  7. But, our feelings and emotions give us continuous, super-vital, life-altering information about our internal emotional and physical state, and our external state, the landscape and the people in our environment.
  8. To make better decisions, get better information, right? To get the best information available to us, we must incorporate both our thoughts and our feelings and incorporate both into our decision-making. Combining the left and the right, the heart and the mind, the body and the spirit, leads to happiness, togetherness and success in life. Left-brain + right-brain = WHOLE brain! IQ + EQ = LOL !!
  9. IQ can’t be changed much… but EQ most certainly can. EQ skills/scores/knowledge/wisdom can be improved significantly. EQ concepts are real-life lessons about ourselves and others that are inexpensive to teach, easy to remember, incredibly practical (instant gratification), and can be presented in a way that builds connections, wisdom and unity. Everyone wins with EQ… the teacher and the student… the speaker and the listener… the parent and the child.
  10. We must spread EQ, as far and as wide as we possibly can, for ourselves, for our kids and for our future. Please join us on this adventure.

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