EQ is a feeling, and EQ is feeling.  it’s an energy.  a lifestyle choice.  a decision.

EQ is about deciding to be aware, of ourselves, our surroundings, and our fellow wo/man.

EQ is about choosing to be a good guy, and kind, and loving… to ourselves, and to others.

EQ is an attitude, really, and EQ is a knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we have 100% control over our attitude.

EQ is about knowing ourselves so well, that we can act, or react, at will.

EQ is about combining all the information, knowledge, rules and common sense we have obtained (left-brain IQ), with our wisdom, creativity, passion and joy we have stuffed away (right-brain EQ), to create a most excellent life, for ourselves, and the ones we love.

EQ is a decision NOT to be a victim, to anything, ever.

EQ is about power and control, but in the good way.  The power to make stuff happen.  The power to use/find/develop/enjoy the best of ourselves so we can create the best life we can, together.

EQ is about relationships.  If we understand and have empathy for ourselves, it’s natural for us to have love, care and concern for others.
Now we add the logical, reasonable left-brain back into the right-brain’s joy of connecting, and we get satisfying, FUNCTIONAL, super-happy relationships in our lives!

EQ is about taking total, 100%, complete Responsibility for who we are, what we do, and what we create with our lives.  ALL of our feelings, thoughts and actions… ALL OF THEM… were created by us, for us, and and within us.  Nobody else, just us.  Others can effect us, but every single flippin’ behaviour we ever do is a CHOICE, a Decision, a thing.

EQ is a knowing, a belief system, a love, and a language.  EQ is about knowing, and RESPECTING, our feelings and emotions. EQ is about being both book smart and heart smart, adding right-brain to left-brain to help us Succeed in life.

EQ is about using the new tools we now have, to make our lives look, and more importantly, feel, as cool as we can.

EQ is a language, we call it the Language of Feelings (LoF).  it’s the same words, probably shorter, but used in a powerful, “I”-centered, responsible way.
LoF says things like,  “I’m sorry”.  “I’d love to.”  “I didn’t mean that.”  “You are very important to me.”  “I feel __ when __ because __.”  “I intend… I believe… I trust that… I expect… I encourage… I understand… I know.”  “I have an issue about…”  “I love you.”  “I want you.”  “I do not need you, but I want you with me.”  “I choose.”  “I am.”  “I can…”  “I will…”  “Let’s…”  … and so on …  same words, but shorter, and more powerful (and more responsible)

EQ is about:  Knowing emotions – Understanding emotions – Accepting emotions – Choosing emotions – Managing emotions – Using emotions – Balancing emotions with logic – Living out loud!

EQ is moving humankind from human to kind.

EQ is life.
EQ is love.
EQ is happiness!

EQ Rocks!