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EQ-101: "101 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Lessons in 101 Days" e-series

Get a daily dose of very best tips from over 20 years teaching folks how to TAKE CONTROL of their Feelings & Emotions at our life-changing New Directions workshop.


Personal, powerful Quotes: "101 EQ Quotes in 101 Days" e-series

Short, Powerful, Original Quotes to entertain, teach and inspire.


A Short Course about People

Just 1 email message, with a huge list of wisdom all about how People in general act and behave and what they're really like.


Increase your EQ: The 7 Steps to Healing your Feelings

Just 1 email message, that explains the 7 steps to dealing with yours and other people's Feelings. It will explain how the process works, how to Relieve your pent-up feelings and Replace the negatives with positives. Also includes a "rating chart" where I rate how hard or easy each of the 7 Steps are to accomplish or master.


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Every once in awhile, we'll be sending out ideas, thoughts, strategies and other cool stuff about what we're up to. You can respond to any or all, or not. All feedback is welcome (gently, please) but you're welcome to just come along for the ride. Subjects might include: ND,, the 2GetHelp support group, EI101, or us personally. Thanks -- we can make amazing things happen, together!


Quotes 4 Life e-series by Cheryl Montgomery-Nolan

Quotes to contribute to a healthy emotional life.


$3.3M Club with Matt Perelstein and friends

Support and encouragement for those with a common goal -- to amass $3.3M, and then give the rest away.


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"Less Crazy, More Sane.
Less Different, More Same.
More Power. Less Blame.
More Joy, Less Pain."

- matt perelstein


  1. Great idea, Matt. We can accomplish amazing things with this club! Ken

    • Welcome to the $3.3M club, Ken! Since you’re a pro in this area, I look forward to your input and support. Thanks for joining me/us!

  2. I’m going to use all of these tools with the new families I’m working with. Thanks for putting all of your materials on this website, Matt.

  3. I want to keep healing and continue to have a sucessful life for as long as it takes in all areas of my life.


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