Feel It to Heal It

Babies are born happy

We’ve found ways to safely and profoundly feel and release big negative feelings, both past and present, to bring relief (often permanently).

These concepts were first developed by Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud‘s partner. Adler found babies are born “clean” – happy, powerful, totally in touch with their emotions – but pain builds as we grow and is stuffed in our body.

To return to our “natural state”, all we gotta do is allow our bodies to feel feelings as intensely as they were felt, and they magically subside.


IDENTIFY what your body feels,
ALLOW yourself to feel deeply,
EXPRESS it, as much as our body wants to,

… and PRESTO! We feel way Much Mo Betta… every time… sometimes permanently! We can resolve and release childhood issues.

EQ Rocks!

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