Each 1 Teach 1 EQ

Please help spread the GOOD NEWS about EQ!

I/we believe that EQ can and will change the world from the inside out.

Here’s the best possible action I know of to spread EQ throughout the world….


Most people have no idea what EQ is, or that it exists, and that is making for a unclear, unsafe world, full of mis-placed anger, power and control issues, violence and hatred.

We can do better!   If those of us who know, can reach out and share the power, wonder and love of EQ, with those who do not know, I believe we can reach critical mass.

The goal: Have at least 1 Billion people practicing EQ by the year 2039!
The answer: I propose that each of us pledge to share the power of EQ with at least 1 other person, any other person, sometime in our lifetime.  We will provide you with tools, trainings, trainings, handouts, mailings, brochures, using the 3 main communication methods — on-line, in-person and by-phone — to help you succeed in your pledge.
The winners:  Everyone!

So, please just decide.  There’s nothing to sign up for… no email address needed here.  Nothing to do at all.  Except to make the pledge, to yourself, preferably out loud.

“I will introduce at least 1 other person 
to the power and wonder of EQ, 
sometime in my lifetime.”

it’s done.
thank you very much for jumpin’ in with us.
(but don’t forget your promise, either, because it’s very important that we all pitch in!)

We’ll try to provide you with the best tools and resources we can to make it easier for you to share EQ, and we’ll need your involvement, encouragement, feedback and support to make this all happen.

It’s nice to have you as one more EQ warrior out there with us!  EQRocks, and so do you!  🙂
– Matt Perelstein