EQ Articles


Instructional EQ Articles
by Myron “Doc” Downing, Ph.D., LMFT

Addictions Anger
Benefits of Failing Blocks to Motivation
Approach to Change Changing your Mind
Couples Counseling Crazy!
Depression as Symptom Drive Someone Crazy
Empowering Sex Ed Empowering Parents
Empowering Relationships Empowerment Quiz
Feeling or Being Emotional? Fighting Abandonment
Fighting Control Fighting For or With?
Fighting Significance 5 Predictors of Divorce
Foregiveness 4 principles that Destroy Relationships
4 Steps to a Successful Relationship
4 Ways to Communicate
Getting Through Panic Attacks Government
Having Trouble with Relationships I have a Dream!
I know I’m Smart, but… Iron Kids
It’s NOT about the Story! It’s Just a Story
Love and Acceptance Love Process
Needs and Rights No Rejection
Paraphrasing Peer Pressure
Prayer Insights Procrastination
PTSD The Purposes of Sex
Rejected! Respect and Value-for-value Relationships
Self-Image Separation and Divorce
Successful Relationships The Tyrant Within
The To-Me Rule Verbal Aikido, pt. 1 of 2
Verbal Aikido, pt. 2 of 2 Victim Beliefs
What I Now Accept… Who Am I?
You’re Ok, I’m Ok!

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