Anger is Misunderstood


Anger is the number one misunderstood and most disrespected emotion!

Click the green play button below to hear the 5-minute audio about how you can use your anger in a good way (and enjoy our cool rock ‘n roll intro music! EQ Rocks!):

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During my EQ Rocks interview with Tina Cook we talk about:

  • Why anger has a bad rap?
  • How can anger be a good thing?
  • Why anger is a precious tool to have in your EQ Rocks toolbox?
  • How you can deal with your anger in a good way.
  • How to control of your feelings of anger the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) way.
  • How to release your anger in a safe way.
  • Plus my personal anger release mechanism!

What’s your personal anger release mechanism? Do you agree that anger gets a bad rap?

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  1. It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living.

    – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    (I realize this doesn’t relate, but I needed somewhere to paste this, as I’m on someone else’s pc)

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